Beginning – Intro and First Chapter

Cover - FinalFinally, here’s my most recent novel. It’s the first of a trilogy, and I am happy to say I have now completed the first draft of the second book. I expect it will be edited and published sometimes this coming summer.

The premise of this story is a little different than Inca or Zulu. Instead of the decline and fall of a relatively little-known civilization, I decided to write a series of books where each chapter would be something from history that I enjoy, but I will never write a whole novel about it. To achieve this, I came up with a framing device that borrows a little bit from the playful mcguffins Kurt Vonnegut was so famous for:

Beginning is the story of a man who has been alive since the last Ice Age. Living in the present day high up in the foothills of the Himalayas, he buys a tape recorder and starts dictating his memoirs as fast as he can while he awaits the arrival of a mysterious visitor who may finally be the death of him.

Here’s the Intro and First Chapter:

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Zulu – First Chapter

Cover_AmazonNext up is the first chapter for my second novel, Zulu. This was actually the first novel I wrote, but I published it second after pretty extensive rewrites in my late-twenties. While watching the movies Zulu and Zulu Dawn, I found myself wishing I could read about the Anglo-Zulu War from the Zulu perspective. The more I learned about the Zulu, the more impressed I was with their history, their culture, and their achievements. This was an iron age kingdom with a cattle-based economy on the cusp of a Golden Age that held off the British Empire for six aching months before they were crushed.

Here’s the First Chapter:

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Inca – Prologue and First Chapter

Cover_ImprovedAs I mentioned earlier in the week, I expect there’s going to be a spike in traffic to this blog in the coming days. A friend recommended I should put up sample chapters of my novels. I will start with Inca, which is my most popular book to date. It really seems to have found a home with people going to Peru as tourists, as it isn’t a travel guide or a text book.

It’s the life story of a high-ranking Inca bureaucrat: He is born into wealth and privilege; he spends his early adulthood living as a fugitive from Imperial justice; his middle years see him watch the Empire he loves tear itself apart, and by his old age he lives in the ruin of his life’s work, telling a Spanish friar to write down what he has to say so that through his words, his people will be remembered.

Here’s the Prologue and First Chapter:

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