My Books: The Tape Recorder Trilogy

Cover - Final

Beginning, the first book of the Tape Recorder Trilogy, is now available as an e-book and a trade paperback at

He hunted mammoths long ago.
He raised megaliths all over Western Europe.
He went to sea at the dawn of the Bronze Age in search of tin.
He performed with the world’s first magician.
He watched Icarus fall from the sky.
He played a small part in setting off the Trojan War.

All this and more happened to one man who has been alive since the last Ice Age. While waiting for a mysterious visitor who might be the death of him, he is dictating the stories of his life into a tape recorder. What will he say now that he is at last free to share the secrets his immortality has shown him?

Beginning is the first book in the Tape Recorder Trilogy, a journey through humanity’s past from before recorded history up to the twenty-first century. Starting with his first life in the Stone Age, Beginning sees our narrator move from life to life over the course of centuries as he wanders across Europe. The dawn of the Bronze Age inspires him to become a sailor and a merchant who travels throughout the Adriatic, Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean, and up into the Black Sea selling everything and anything but especially tin, the crucial metal that makes bronze possible.

Throughout his travels he meets people from all walks of life, some of whom go on to be the inspirations behind myths and legends that are still remembered today. It is his pleasure in the privacy of his own home to finally say what really happened all those years ago.

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