Behold! My COVID-19 Haircut and Shave

I have shared this in a few places already, but as I am reviving this blog in large part as a COVID-19 self-isolation project, I figure I should preserve this for posterity.

As long as I am posting it, I should add that beard was the first one of my life. I started growing it in late January during a two-week vacation, knowing I would not have another work trip until April. When we began to self-isolate I already needed a haircut, and by week three of the self-isolation with all the barbershops closed I became very aware I was not in a position to cut my won hair properly.

A friend loaned me a set of clippers, and I had a fun Sunday afternoon taking my hair off in stages. There was one point where —if I had stopped— I would have been okay, but at that point I had already mentally committed myself to taking it all off. I’ve always been curious about the shape of my head. When am I ever going to have a better chance to do this than during self-isolation?

Anyway, I bet I’ll be okay until the barbershops reopen now…

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