My e-book, Inca, is now live on Smashwords

Hello everyone,

In addition to Amazon’s Kindle store, My e-book is now also available through Smashwords.

For those of you with Kobo, Nook, Diesel, or Sony E-Readers, this should now work without any issues. Some of the formatting may be simplified during the conversion process, but all the prose is still there.

For those of you who are just running a search on Smashwords, apparently my book is being censored off the list for having adult situations. There’s enough sex and violence in the story that I ticked the box when they asked, but now that I know it limits my visibility I’m going to review the terms and conditions tomorrow to see if I can opt out of it.

I’ll have further updates and details on this soon. In the meantime, happy reading!

Addendum: As of September 30th, 2012, I’ve decided not to publish on Smashwords, focusing instead on Cheers!

Further Addendum: As of December 30th, 2012, this novel is also available as a trade paperback at CreateSpace!


One thought on “My e-book, Inca, is now live on Smashwords

  1. Unless your book is intended to be erotica, there’s no need to label it as adult. “Adult” is generally understood to indicate a book whose content is intended to appeal to sexual interests. If that’s not the basic subject of your book, then don’t label it that way.

    I finally got tired of scrolling through page after page of new listings that were bloated with erotica, and activated the adult filter. I have no objection to anyone writing or publishing it, but it’s not one of my interests. The filter allows me to bypass most of it. Some is still slipping through, but not enough to be a significant waste of my browsing time.

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