Poems: Samples of the work of Luella Federonik


The trees are wearing
Their finest dress
Full Skirt, puff sleeves,
Gloriously coiffured,
Beauty overtakes winter’s scene.

Sure wish they would disrobe!
I cannot see
What the neighbours are doing!

Another Holiday Blues

Talked to my plants
Gave them a drink
Washed their leaves
Faced them to the sun
Told them how much I love them
Petted each one when I can
I heard as I turned my back
“Are you nuts, lady?
Get yourself a man!”

The End

Can’t think of anything
To rhyme
This time.
How sad.
Was sure there was
An uneding supply
Of whimsy,
Some good, some bad.
Oh well, it may rise
So until then,
The End.
— L.G.D.


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