Best of the Web: The Beatles on Ukulele

From time to time I stumble across something on the internet that I find remarkable. Sometimes it’s a one-off article, and sometimes it’s a whole website. I’ve decided to creat a ‘Best of the Web’ category on this blog to give honourable mentions to the content I find online that blows me away, and I want to start off with

274-001~The-Beatles-PostersThis is a website with a simple goal: Starting from Obama’s inauguration on Jan 20, 2009 and going until the London Olympics opening ceremonies in 2012 this blog will publish each week a ukulele cover of a Beatles song. Every single Beatles song will be covered, in genres ranging from Metal to Country and everything in between, but always including a ukulele. Each cover also includes an essay on the song in question, as well as a great bio on the artist or band. So far I’ve been blown away, and I will review the covers from time to time on this blog, too. In the meantime, please visit their site. You can stream or download everything they’ve done so far. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Best of the Web: The Beatles on Ukulele

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