Winter Comics

I did these when I was 17, one cold winter working inbound sales for Sprint Canada. I really enjoy online comics, and, though I don’t plan on making my blog about comics, I still thought I should scan them in and share them. I’ll include subtitles due to my poor handwriting.


“I’m Alive”

The problem with snowball firing squads.

Frosty“Hi Frosty!”

Christmas’s dirty little secret.

Constipation“No! Do you know how cold the seat is?!”

Constipation is a constant problem at the North Pole

ColdTourist“Wow! There really is an ice fishing!”

“Aren’t you cold?”


“Ice sculpture. Finally, playing with a chainsaw is considered an art!

Attention“Oh, you hurt yourself? Put some ice on it.”

“I’m half buried in snow, Dad. How will ice help?”

Timmy sometimes wonders if his Dad is paying attention.

Airmiles“What I like about Winter is the free Air Miles.”

35thStreet“Wow! I found a dollar!”

Miracle on 35th Street

Snow“For the last time, it’s snow! Not dandruff! Snow!

OneStone“One stone on the whole hill, and you hit it!”

“I’m not the one who let the snow man drive!”

NightLightsNorthern Night Lights

(Aurora Noctis Borealis)

Medication“We don’t let Grandma knit when she’s on her medication anymore.”

LongDrive“Let’s move out to the country, they said. Get a house with a nice long drive, they said. But when it comes time to shovel that drive, WHERE ARE MY PARENTS!?”

IgloosIgloo apartment buildings

GravediggersHere lies John

Why gravediggers don’t work in Winter

“Okay, I’ll talk! I did steal the carrot from the rabbit’s cage. Now put the hair dryer away!”

The Gestapo interrogates Frosty

WonderlandWinter Wonderland, a sadist’s dream.


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